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The best fitness facility in Sunbury, OH! We are led by our core values of Being humble, Unified, Relentless all while being filled with Gratitude. At Burg CrossFit Sunbury, we focus on whole-person health. We want to be the best hour of your day while also supporting you the other 23 hours! In addition to awesome CrossFit classes, we also offer our spin on high-intensity training—BurgFIT. Schedule your No Sweat Intro today!

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CrossFit 2/18/21AnnouncementsOver the next few weeks leading up and through the Open, the Intermediate option will be meant to reduce the workload/intensity for the day. The goal is to prep athletes for doing the open workouts on Friday. Warm-upCoaches Choice10-15 minutes coaches choiceSuperset14 min Same weight across each movement Seesaw Row (5x8/side)Upright Row (5x8) Metcon2RFT 40 Situps 30 Cal Ski 20 HPC 10 Push Jerks (Time)2 Rounds For Time 40 Situps 30/24 Cal Ski 20 Hang Power cleans 115/75 10 Push Jerks Rx+ 135/95 16 min cap Int: 95/65 Beg: 24/20 cal 75/55

CrossFit 2/17/21Warm-upCoaches Choice10-15 minutes coaches choiceSkillfront rack step ups (5x8/side )Choose a height for the box that is approximately just below your knee cap.16 min to Perform 8 on each side in a touch and go manner, back foot should never rest on the floor Building in weight WITHOUT losing quality of movement MetconE3MOM15 12 Step Overs 12 KB Swings 12 Cal Bike (5 Rounds for reps)E3MOM15 12 Step Overs 24/20 12 KB Swings 53/35 12/9 Cal Bike Score each round separately Rx+: 70/53 15/12 Int: 20/16 35/25 9/6 Beg: 25/18

CrossFit 2/16/21Warm-upCoaches Choice10-15 minutes coaches choiceSkillSquat Snatch (Heavy Double TNG)20 min to find Heavy Double Touch and Go MetconAMRAP12 50 DU 20 DB Snatch 10 Pistols (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps)AMRAP12 50 DU 20 Alt DB Snatch 50/35 10 Alt Pistol Squats Int: 100 Singles 35/20 Assisted Pistols Beg: 50 Singles 20/10 Pistols To a Box

CrossFit 2/15/21Warm-upCoaches Choice10-15 minutes coaches choiceSkillEMOM10 8 Kip 8 TTB L Sit (5 Rounds for reps)EMOM10 1) 8 Kips + 4 TTB 2) 30s L Sit Rx+ Wallball in between feet Score is total reps completed/round. (5 rounds, 42 reps per round) 1s=1 repMetcon3 Rounds 30 Cal Row 20 TTB 10 Clusters (Time)3 Rounds 30/24 cal Row 20 TTB 10 clusters R1) 95/65 R2) 115/75 R3) 135/95 25 min cap Rest 2 min between sets Score is total time Rx+ 135/95 155/105 185/125 Int: 24/20 cal Toes to Eyes 75/55 95/65 115/75 Beg: Toes to Rig Power Clean + Jerk 95/65

Saturday 2/13/21Warm-upCoaches Choice10-15 minutes coaches choiceMetconFT T3 DBH snatch, bike, ab mat sit up, HC, WL, DUBS (Time)For time Teams of 3 100 hang dB snatches 50/35 50 cal bike* 100 ab mat sit ups 50 cal bike 100 Hang cleans 115/85 50 cal bike 100 walking lunges 50 cal bike 300 double unders *All women teams only need to perform 40 cals Hang snatch- one person holds dB over head Sit ups- one person holds plank Hang cleans- one person holds dball 100/80 Walking lunges- one person holds bottom of

CrossFit 2/12/21Warm-upCoaches Choice10-15 minutes coaches choiceSkillPower Clean (Heavy Triple - Touch and Go )20 min to find heavy triple - Touch and Go Reps MetconCrossFit Games Open 15.4 (AMRAP - Reps)8-Minute ARMAP of: 3 Handstand Push-ups 3 Cleans, 185#/125# 6 Handstand Push-ups 3 Cleans, 185#/125# 9 Handstand Push-ups 3 Cleans, 185#/125# 12 Handstand Push-ups 6 Cleans, 185#/125# 15 Handstand Push-ups 6 Cleans, 185#/125# 18 Handstand Push-ups 6 Cleans, 185#/125# 21 Handstand Push-ups 9 Cleans, 185#/125# Etc., adding 3 reps to the handstand push-up each round, and 3 reps to the clean every 3 rounds. CrossFit Games Open 15.4 Scaled (AMRAP - Reps) 8 minutes of: 10 push

CrossFit 2/11/21Warm-upCoaches Choice10-15 minutes coaches choiceSkill10 EMOM DU, 1RC (AMRAP - Reps)10 Minutes EMOM Min 1: 60 Double Unders Minute 2: 1 Rope Climb If able to perform 100+ consecutive Double Unders consistently, try Rx+ Rx+ Max Triple Unders Int: 30 Double Unders 1 RC to 12' line Beg: 60 Singles or practice doubles Practice footwork on box Score is TOTAL reps completedMetconFT 400m Runs, Desc Pistols, Asc Jump Rope (Time)For Time 400M Run 40 pistols 150 single unders 400 Run 30 pistols 75 Double unders 400 Run 20 pistols 25 triple under Cap: 15 minutes For all scalings, make sure to have the jump rope options

CrossFit 2/9/21Warm-upCoaches Choice10-15 minutes coaches choiceSkillOverhead Squat (Heavy Double)18 Min To Find Heavy Double of the day from the rack MetconCrossFit Games Open 11.4 (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps)10-Minute AMRAP of: 60 Bar-Facing Burpees 30 Overhead Squats, 120# / 90# 10 Muscle-UpsScaled: 60 Bar Facing Burpees 30 OHS 95/65 10 Pullups *allowed to step up and step over on burpee on scaled version*

CrossFit 2/8/21Warm-upCoaches Choice10-15 minutes coaches choiceSkillDball Hold (Accumulate 5 min)1 second = 1 rep10 min to accumulate 5 min DBall Hold 100/80 Extra Credit to accumulate 8 minMetcon1-10 Clean and Jerk Cindy (Time)For Time 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 Clean and Jerk 155/105 After each round of C&J perform 1 round of "Cindy" 25 min Cap 1 round of Cindy = 5 Pull-ups 10 Push-ups 15 Air Squats Int: 115/85 Jumping Pullups Beg: 65/45 Ring Rows Assisted Push-ups